10 Things Every Mumbaikar Will Definitely Relate To

10 Things Every Mumbaikar Will Definitely Relate To

Karishma Govil

Mumbai is known as the ‘City Of Dreams’. A lot of people from all over the country come to Mumbai with the hopes of achieving success. There’s just so much opportunity here for everyone and people here are so helpful and warm, right? If you were born here, or have been staying here for a long time, you’re referred to as a Mumbaikar and here are a few things you’ll be able to relate to.

1. “Andheri Chaloge, Bhaiya?”

Rickshaws are, and have always been a major struggle. The rickshawallas always make us feel like they’re doing us a favour by taking us to our destination. When you first ask them if they’d take you, they mostly deny the ride. So, eventually, you just have to change your destination according to where they wanna take you.

2. Vada Pav, Vada Pav, Vada Pav!

Our hunger fix, always, is a vada pav! We love it so much because it’s affordable, delicious and easily available. Also, it goes perfectly with a garma-garam chai.

3. Local Train Struggles

Every Mumbaikar has travelled by a local train. It’s like a path of righteousness that every person staying in the city has to go through. Not only does it help you build patience, but also makes you stronger than before since you have to deal with the mafia of the locals.

Can’t find new things to do in the city? Go for a drive! Our nearest and most scenic drive is the Bandra-Worli Sea Link. The city’s skyline looks so beautiful when you’re on the bridge.

5. Weekend Getaways Are Easy

There are so many options around to visit. There’s Lonavala, Karjat, Alibaug, Pune and more. All these are so close to the city, and yet make you feel like you’re away from all the chaos.

6. Nightclub Entries Are A Walk In The Park

You’ll always hear a Mumbaikar use the phrase “I know someone, who knows someone”. Mumbai is a very well connected city where everyone knows everyone! And getting into a nightclub has never been a challenge.

7. You’re Used To Potholes & Traffic

If you can drive on Mumbai roads, you can drive anywhere in the world. And God forbid if you think of drinking a hot coffee without a lid in your car. And let’s not get to the traffic scenes here. You need to leave a place at least a couple of hours before your time of arrival.

8. You Pre-Drink At The Famous-Yet-Affordable Bars

If you’ve been here long enough, you’ll be familiar with Janata, Gokul, Toto’s, Yacht, Sunlight and Atithi. Every Mumbaikar loves to drink at cheap bars first then head to a fancy place where all you need is one drink.

9. You Don’t Like To Travel Too Far

If you’re from South Bombay, you won’t be okay with heading to Andheri and if you’re from Bandra you’d rarely head to South Bombay. So, if you stay in Bandra and your SO stays in town, you can use the terms ‘Long Distance Relationship’ to describe your sich.

10. You’re A Proud Mumbaikar

No matter how much we complain about crowded trains, potholes or traffic, there’s nowhere else we’d rather be. If anyone talks ill about our city, we all take it personally and fight back.

So, if you’re a Mumbaikar, we’re sure you’d be able to relate to most of these points. We may complain about a few things, but we love this city and would hate to move. What can we say, Mumbaikar and proud!

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