5 Easy Ways To Prevent & Get Rid Of Dark Spots

5 Easy Ways To Prevent & Get Rid Of Dark Spots

Natasha Patel

How do dark spots appear?

Believe it or not, our skin, no matter how strong it looks, is actually quite feeble. When it gets exposed to harmful UVA/UVB rays it can break down collagen and can produce an excess of melanin—the evil menace that leads to dark spots, discolouration and hyper pigmentation. Spots can also appear on one’s face, arms, neck and even the back, so it’s essential to take care of your skin from the get-go.

How to keep them away:

1. Double up the SPF

Sun damage is one of the most common and harmful causes of dark spots. If you’re using SPF on the reg but still experience spots, it might be time to up your number. SPF 30 is usually a great one to opt for.

2. Go natural

Don’t just try any DIY you see on the internet the minute you see a spot appear on your face. Either consult a professional or opt for a more natural remedy… Aloe vera is full of antioxidants and vitamins A, C, and E. Its healing properties are amazing and can even relive sunburns.

3. Read your labels

Retinoids can be your best friends when trying to combat and keep dark spots away. It can help cell turnover and is a powerful source of vitamin A.

4. Don’t pick your skin

One of the worst things you can do for your skin is to pick a pimple or zit. The aftermath of that is ugly and could result in red or brown marks. Instead, try icing a pimple or using a spot treatment cream that doesn’t include ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide that can eventually dry out the skin.

5. Invest in a cleansing brush

Sometimes, dead skin cells can end up adding a layer over your skin—this can lead to breakouts and possible sun spots due to overexposure from the sun. Using a cleansing brush to clean your skin can help get rid of the impurities and will allow proper absorption of any spot treatment or cream used. Make sure to clean the brush head to avoid dirt build up.


What do you use to get rid of spots? Let us know in the comments below.

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