Here’s How You Can Fashionably Wear Your Pyjamas Outside The House

Here’s How You Can Fashionably Wear Your Pyjamas Outside The House

Prashansa Daniell

Can I just say that I absolutely love it when style and comfort come together to create an Instagram-worthy OOTD! This latest fashion trend is all about that and more. Yup, I’m talking about the pyjama dressing trend. How many times have you wished you could go to work in your pyjamas?! I, for one, have made that wish a couple of hundred times. Now, with styling tricks like these, wearing your PJs outdoors is something we’re all gonna go for.

Style A Silk Blouse With A Pair Of Well-Fitted Pants

Just last weekend we saw Sussanne Khan sport this trend and loved the way she styled it. She wore a silk cami with lace trimmings and paired it with a pair of well-fitting white trousers. Take a cue from Sussanne and pull you sexy silk tops out of your night closet and wear them on your next night out.

Sussanne Khan
Sussanne Khan

Wear Your Nightie With A Trendy Jacket

Have you ever thought of how a nightie can also double up as a sexy slip dress? Pair it with a jacket and you’ve got yourself an outfit no one will be able to ignore.

Slay The Full Set

Esha Gupta in Rajesh Pratap Singh is the best way for us to describe pyjama dressing in one picture. The stripes on her outfit and colour scheme lent such a perfect vibe for a night time look for the day.

Which one of these styles are you going to try? Tell us in the comments below!

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