Our society is many things, a culmination of both the good and the bad. Ever so often the good gets lost in the shadow of things that bring to light a side of human nature that leaves us questioning our beliefs and our way of life. But what travesties like these also bring out are heroes, people who speak their minds and make sure they’re heard. People who challenge the rules and limitations and bend them backwards. It is thought-evoking individuals like these people who bring a change and make the world we live in, a little better and more compassionate with their efforts.

Nandita Das is one such strong Indian woman. The actress has always made sure her work speaks for herself. From acting in movies to making them, Nandita has always used her position to speak her truth irrespective of societal norms. But in a society where an individual’s contribution sometimes doesn’t hold the same value as their gender, caste, sexual orientation and even skin colour, she has obviously met with opposition. Like most Indians, the gorgeous actress has also faced issues because of her skin colour, but she never let it hold her back. She kept her head high and showed the world what a woman who is confident in her own gorgeous skin can do and left it for the world to take notice, appreciate and learn.

In this episode of #TheGirlTribe, Nandita shared the incidents she faced because of the way she was treated at times for not having fair skin. She also spoke about the way the society sees the roles of men and women and the need for it to change. Nandita bravely shares her experience of being an artist who does not accept or intend to give into the superficial beauty standards that come with being an “actress”.

Watch the video here:

Thank you, Nandita for being a part of the show and for voicing thoughts that are often dismissed or laughed at and even treated as insignificant.