These Gym Beauty Hacks Have Saved My Hair

These Gym Beauty Hacks Have Saved My Hair

Jyotika Udeshi

We all know that exercise is great for you. Not only does it vastly improve your physical health, but also plays a large role in your mental wellbeing. In the past, however, I was guilty of skipping my regular sweat sessions because I didn’t want to mess up my hair. The regular shampooing, frequent heat styling and overdose of dry shampoo left my hair more vulnerable to damage. Luckily, I realised that I have some incredible beauty products and techniques up my sleeve that could help with this situation! Here are 3 tried-and-tested tricks that allow me to hit the gym, without wreaking havoc on my locks.

1. Using A Hair Mask

One of the biggest problems with a high-intensity workout was that I needed to shampoo my locks after every session. This often lead to a dry and frizzy mane. To remedy this, I now slick on a hair mask before I step into the gym. Not only does the mask have more time to absorb, but also penetrates my strands better due to all the heat generated. Thus, when I do wash it out, I’m left with softer and smoother hair.

If you are trying this trick out, I recommend applying the mask, combing it through and then pulling your hair into a bun. If you really sweat, it’s best to wear a headband so that the product doesn’t drip down your face.

2. Being Smart With Dry Shampoo

I know I said that dry shampoo was an issue for me, but that’s only cause I hadn’t been using it correctly! In the past, I would liberally spritz the powdery formula on my crown when I had no time to wash my hair. Whilst doing this did keep the grease at bay, it also left my scalp itchy and irritated due to all the excess residue.

Now, I actually apply the shampoo just before I begin my workout. As I sweat, the product works to sop up the grease and leaves me with the volume I desire. This little change allows me to use less of the dry shampoo and thus minimises any build-up.

3. Styling With Thought

Hands up if you’ve skipped the gym because you’ve just washed your hair or gone to the salon for a blow-dry. Don’t feel too bad cause I’ve used this excuse at least a million times! Now, however, I’ve tweaked my routine in two ways so that I have no reason to be lazy.

The first one is my hairstyle. Instead of tying my hair up in a tight ponytail like I usually do, I opt for two braided pigtails. This easy ‘do keeps the hair off my face and results in loose, tousled waves when I take them out. The second change is actually my workout of the day. Rather than revving up a sweat, I opt for low-intensity exercises like yoga or pilates, which are equally effective.

Honestly, these 3 tricks have saved me a lot of hair damage and time! If you have any more tips I can try, leave a comment below.

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