17 Nail Art Ideas For The Experimental Minimalist

17 Nail Art Ideas For The Experimental Minimalist

Natasha Patel

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m obsessed with getting my nails done. I’ve had gel-acyrlic nails for a couple of years now and I truly feel like they’re a part of me and reflect my personality. I get them refilled once a month and accompany that with some cool nail art—and that’s usually based on how I feel or what colours in vibing with me at the moment.

This weekend, when I got my nails done, I went for a more clean and minimal look—which really took to my work husband, a.k.a Lifestyle Editor Alisha Fernandes. She’s the kind who loves the girly colour, pink but would wear it in a muted and subtle way… In other words, she’s a minimalist.

Taking inspiration from her, I’ve whipped up a list of 17 nail art designs that any minimalist will love!

Which one’s your favourite? Let me know below!