7 Ways You’re Causing Your Skin To Break Out

7 Ways You’re Causing Your Skin To Break Out

Natasha Patel

Breakouts—the bane of every girl’s existence. While some come up right before/during our period, there are also other reasons and causes for acne and breakouts. Scroll down to know what you could be doing to ruin your skin…

1. You’re not washing your makeup brushes

If you’re someone who uses their makeup brushes daily, then you have got to wash them often. From your sponges to blenders to any makeup application tool you use, make sure they get cleaned after. The makeup that gets built up can cause havoc to your skin leading to acne and blemishes.

2. You let your friends use your makeup

While you can’t really “catch” acne, having your BFF use the same makeup brushes as you will lead to mixing of their skin’s oil and other such bacteria to yours.

3. You talk on the phone with makeup

Everyone knows by now that the screen of our phones can cause major breakouts. Because when you touch your phone screen to your skin it combines with the dirt, oil and the makeup on your face.

4. You use your hands to apply products

Cream-based products that come in a little box or a container should generally be applied with a brush. Double dipping your fingers into the pot, which then gets applied to your face can lead to a break out.

5. You re-apply new makeup over the old

Touching up your makeup is something that some people often do. But make sure it doesn’t become a habit. Caking makeup over your skin that already contains certain oils can be the absolute worst. Instead, use blotting paper or tissue to get rid of the oils from the first makeup application.

6. You keep touching your pimple

Have a zit, or a tiny pimple that’s coming up? Do.Not.Touch.It.Ever! Touching the pimple with dirty hands can transfer more germs and bacteria onto your skin causing irritation and break outs.

7. You don’t wash your face after you work out

Working up a sweat at the gym or at pilates class is great for your body. But the sweat released can set into your pores and allow you to break out on your forehead especially.

Ya, feel?


  • Stay away from products that contain fragrance.
  • Once washed, air dry your makeup brushes in an open space.
  • Keep sanitiser or a phone wipe in your handbag.
  • Apply SPF daily.
  • Try opting for headphones instead of touching your phone screen to your face.

How do you guys keep pimples at bay?

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