With the upcoming release of Batti Gul Meter Chaalu and the newest addition to his family in the form of his baby boy Zain Kapoor, it’s safe to say that Shahid Kapoor might be on cloud nine. Right now, Shahid is on a promotional spree for his upcoming release and in one such interview to PTI, he spoke about the increasingly invasive media in India and how he’s trying to protect his kids from it.

He said,

If I don’t post the pictures of Misha, somebody will click her and that is my reality. I wish I could draw a line… I would have drawn it long back. People should draw a line. Children when they are in natural spaces they should not be made so conscious of themselves. It is part of my job and I know what comes with it. I am doing my best to find comfort with it.

But he also said that he is not too worried about the paparazzi culture as he’s been here for quite some time now.

These days you get noticed a lot, it has all changed. I think the kids who are starting out and who are new should worry about it. I don’t get scared by over exposure, I have been here since 15 years.

Well, it’s always better to see cutesy pictures from the parents itself than the media right?!

Best of luck for your film, Shahid!

PS- We’re still waiting for that first glimpse of Zain!