Akshay Kumar Disapproves Of His Wife Twinkle Khanna's Biggest Fantasy

Pallavi Manoj , 11 Sep 2018

If there’s one thing about Twinkle Khanna all of us know, it is that she’s one tough cookie and not someone to mince her words. Most of the times, she makes us laugh out loud with her wit and charm and we love her for it. Recently in an interview with DNA, she opened up about her deepest fantasy and even explained how prepared and apt she thinks she is for it.

Actually, it’s one of my fantasies to be a stand-up comic. I practise in the mirror. But my husband (Akshay Kumar) has told me two things, to never go back to acting and not to ever do stand-up comedy, because I’m terrible at both!

Aww! C’mon! Who wouldn’t buy tickets to a show in which Twinkle Khanna would be roasting people or doing a stand-up bit, I know I would!

There is a reason why she calls herself Mrs.Funnybones and she says she says it comes to her naturally and her honesty is what helps her the most!

But once you get onto that platform you know what’s expected of you and inhabiting that persona is not very difficult for me. Saying things which make people laugh is not such a difficult thing because I’m telling them the truth. It’s just from a person and in a way they don’t expect, so they find it funny. Also, I’m giving them a perspective which apparently most women don’t seem to hold. They would probably expect a man to say things in this politically incorrect way. I’m sure I will find one day that I’ve nothing funny to say and it will be a disaster, but so far it’s been fine.

Talking about whether she’s planning to write another book she says,

I’m the person who wants to start writing a book the day I finish one. I don’t like having that empty space in my head; it bothers me. I don’t know what to do with myself. Suddenly, I have so much time and I’m not used to having time. I have ideas, but of course, I’ll abandon them and start writing something else.

Well, now we know that another book is already in the making in Mrs.Funnybones’ head. Can’t wait for it!

Also, please become a stand-up comedian!

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