Arjun Kapoor Shut Down A Twitter Troll Who Called Him A ‘Molester’

Arjun Kapoor Shut Down A Twitter Troll Who Called Him A ‘Molester’

Shravan Shah

All of us love social media. While most of us use it to know more about our favourite celebrities, others use it to troll them and write long hate speeches. Recently Arjun Kapoor faced a troll on Twitter and was successful to shut him down like a boss. It all began after Parineeti Chopra shared a 15-second video of her first song from Tere Liye from Namaste England being launched.

The video had a still from the film which featured Arjun and Parineeti and the song played in the background. While it looked perfectly okay to all of us, it wasn’t for a user who commented on Pari’s post. We know that social media gives you the leeway to share your thoughts about a topic, but this user went a step ahead and called Arjun a ‘molester’.

He wrote,

While it is certainly not okay to use such terms loosely especially without context. Arjun took to Twitter to reply to him and shut him down.

Arjun wrote,

The term has a great implication and using it so loosely is not acceptable. We hope that it doesn’t happen with anyone, ever again.