You'll Want To Wear Deepika Padukone's Outfit The Next Time You Visit The Salon

Natasha Patel , 12 Sep 2018

The life of a celebrity has it’s pros and cons. And when you’re Deepika Padukone, you best believe that there’s no hiding from the paparazzos! Which means you always have to look and dress right almost always. Recently we spotted Deepika leaving a salon dressed in casuals, yet on-point at the same time.

Wearing a joggers, a black tee, sneakers and a denim jacket over is probably not only an appropriate look for when you’re heading out the door, but it makes for a stylish look too!

Deepika Padukone
Deepika Padukone

Here are a couple of reasons why this outfit works so well…

1. It’s easy to pick out from your closet, a.k.a it’s hassle-free!

2. It’s so comfy, you could stay in it all day!

3. It looks on-trend, so you’ll defo get noticed!

4. It’s also got the perfect high-end accessory—Chanel.

And lastly, Deepika Padukone’s wearing it. So, duh—it’s perfect!

What do you guys think about this look?

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