Uday Chopra
Uday Chopra

I love using social media. While most of the times it gives me more details about what our Bollywood actors are doing, there are times when I witness some brilliant things on it which really leave me surprised. The latter happened to me recently when I came across Uday Chopra‘s tweet. The Dhoom franchise actor has been missing from the 70mm for a while now but if I really want to know what the actor is up to, I check his twitter. I read his recent tweet and I was speechless.

Uday tweeted about India legalizing marijuana and spoke about how it was a part of our culture.

Uday wrote,

He further explained,

While it left me surprised, similar was the case with a number of Twitteratti who wrote to the actor and asked him to explain what he meant.

Some even agreed with the actor.

Many had a serious question for Chopra.

What do you guys think?