Bigg Boss 12: Anup Jalota & His Girlfriend Jasleen Matharu Leave Everyone Speechless

Shravan Shah , 17 Sep 2018

The television audience is currently rejoicing as their favourite television reality show Bigg Boss is back. Bigg Boss 12 is being hosted by Salman Khan and the audience is all set to get their daily dose of entertainment and drama. Last night was the grand unveiling of the show and we gave you a sneak peek of everything that happened on it. While we were as excited as you’ll, a couple entered the show and we were quite surprised.

Salman had initially announced that this year there will be a number of jodis entering the show and while we were excited to know who are the lucky ones, one jodi managed to surprise us. Devotional singer Anup Jalota entered the show in the ‘vichitra jodi’ category with his girlfriend Jasleen Matharu and left not only us but also the host of the show, Salman shocked. Jasleen is 37 years old younger to Mr. Jalota and the couple already created a stir on the internet as soon as they graced the premiere episode.

Here’s what the netziens had to say.

What are your thoughts about this jodi?

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