Alia Bhatt’s Mom Soni Razdan Finally Shares Her Thoughts About Ranbir Kapoor

Alia Bhatt’s Mom Soni Razdan Finally Shares Her Thoughts About Ranbir Kapoor

Priyanka Parmar

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor have been in the limelight ever since rumours about their relationship started doing the rounds. Things turned interesting when Ranbir confessed to dating Alia in an interview and ever since then, they’ve got everyone going gaga with every appearance and photo together. Naturally, everyone wants to know more about the duo’s love life. We’ve already heard what Mahesh Bhatt, Pooja Bhatt, and Rishi Kapoor have to say about RK and Alia’s relationship. Now, the duo even has a seal of approval from Ranbir’s mom, Neetu Kapoor.

All this while, what we didn’t know was Alia’s mom, Soni Razdan‘s take on their relationship. Soni has finally spoken about how she feels about Ranbir in an interview with HT.

Here’s what she had to say about all the reports surrounding Alia and Ranbir:

I have a very good relationship with my daughter. I don’t go by what rumours say; I talk to her directly. We have had discussions on what’s going on or not going on in her life. It’s her life at the end of the day, so I am happy to let her live it the way she wants to.

When asked about Ranbir, Soni said:

I don’t discuss these things with anybody. (Laughs) Of course, we know Ranbir very well.

When Soni was asked to react on Rishi Kapoor’s comment on him & Neetu liking Alia, she said:

We all know each other, I have worked with him. I know Neetu and Ranbir. What’s the big thing? But Ranbir is a lovely, lovely boy.

Looks like Alia’s mommy is also in favour of their relationship even though she doesn’t out and out say it. Alia has been quiet about her relationship with Ranbir all this while and maybe her mom wants to follow suit. Whatever the case may be, I am shipping the two and I most certainly am loving the ‘RK’ credits on most of Alia’s photos these days!

Alia Bhatt recently returned to the city after a month-long schedule in Bulgaria where the duo was shooting for Brahmastra. This film has definitely set high expectations for the fans already!