Bigg Boss 12: Jasleen Matharu Refuses To Sleep In The Same Bed With Her Boyfriend Anup Jalota

Pallavi Manoj , 19 Sep 2018

Thank god for Bigg Boss 12, because our day and night are currently filled with entertainment, entertainment, and entertainment. It’s just been Day 3 of the show and there are few contestants that are standing out and how! Bigg Boss appointed Vichitra Jodis are truly vichitra and we’re starting to see why the adjective was used in the first place. Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu have been making headlines ever since the premiere of Bigg Boss 12 where they both confessed to being in a relationship. While their age gap has been the talk, Day 1 and Day 2 went by in, the BB inmates questioning their relationship. Now, in an unaired clip, Jasleen is seen entering the bedroom and searching for a bed. While all of us would have expected her to choose a double bed for her and Anup, she chose a single bed which left Anup confused.

He said,

Toh main door hogaya, hum khule main soenge.

To which Jasleen quickly retorted,

Toh aap kahan pe ho abhi? Aap ek kaam karo, wait karo, aapko partner mil jaegaa koi.

Woaa! I can’t wait for the next episode already to see everything that goes down after this! While Jasleen might have given swift answers to all the questions thrown at the couple’s relationship during the BB Press Conference, looks like there is trouble in paradise after all.

Do you think this is another staged fight or a normal couple bickering?

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