Wanderlust Wednesday: TV Actor Gunjan Utreja Shares His Travel Dos And Don'ts

Pallavi Manoj , 19 Sep 2018

Actor and host Gunjan Utreja can definitely add one more adjective to his list of accomplishments and that would be a globetrotter. You may have seen him as a talk show host, an award show emcee or a character in your favourite TV soap, but did you know he’s a seasoned traveller too? One look at his Instagram page will tell you he travels quite a lot. The actor recently went to Dubai and Mauritius and the pictures look super cool.

So, we caught up with the actor and he gave us some pretty solid advice on what to do and what not do while you’re traveling.

The best part of his job, Gunjan says, is that he gets the opportunity to travel the world and to create his own stories. He, in turn, can use all these experiences to play characters on screen too!  *Sigh* reason no.101 why everyone wants to be an actor.

Turns out Gunjan takes at least 4 trips throughout the year- 2 with family, 1 with friends, and 1 solo trip. He revealed that if there’s one thing that he does while he’s on a solo trip, it is to google the most visited places so that he knows where not to go.

He says,

 I like to walk around the city or take public transport if I can and interact with locals to know about them, their country, and their culture.

While ace travellers may tell you what you should when travelling, Gunjan told us what you should NOT do.

Power Bank

You don’t need extra power to keep your phone alive! Keep your phone away on a holiday. If you are constantly updating the world about yourself, then you are not on a holiday! You are only busy putting up a social media show.

Too Many Clothes

Keep it basic. Don’t focus on your clothes, pictures, or Instagram stories. Live the moment. Focus on what you see and experience.

Too Much Cash

Around the globe people are happy accepting plastic money.

But he made sure to give his male followers a word of advice on travel fashion.

Make sure you have slip on shoes, black chinos, blue denims, bright colour t-shirts, toiletries, a jacket/jumper for air travel, neck pillow, hat / cap, colorful sunglasses, a sling bag.

That’s some solid advice there, Gunjan!

Check out his super cool pictures from some of his travels.

Gunjan Utreja
Gunjan Utreja in Dubai
Gunjan Utreja in Dubai
Gunjan Utreja in Dubai
Gunjan Utreja in Mauritius
Gunjan Utreja in Mauritius

And he leaves us with a thought,

Let’s wander where the wifi is weak.

Amen to that!

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