5 Easy Ways To Fake Thicker & Fuller Hair

5 Easy Ways To Fake Thicker & Fuller Hair

Natasha Patel

1. Colour & Cut

One of the easiest and quickest ways to fake a thicker and fuller set of hair is with a haircut and colour. With just a few snips, a cut can give the hair an instantly fresher look. If you have flat and straight hair, try going for a style with layers that can add a healthy fullness to your locks. A more blunt cut for shorter hair can enhance the volume and make it look thicker.

As for the colour, opt for a seamless blend of neutral colours that give the illusion of density. A mixture of shades like caramel, honey and auburn are a sure-shot way to fake thickness.

2. Style It Right

They say that after you shampoo and condition your hair, it’s crucial to properly dry it. Because that’s the time when your hair can be moulded and styled to look and be a certain way. In order to fake a little extra volume, try flipping your hair over when you towel-dry the strands. This will create the foundation to allow your strands to be in an uplifted position giving you that extra bounce. You can also sculpt it by flipping your hair over and blast drying it with a thick, bristled brush, combing the hair from your nape to the ends.

3. Eat Right

A well balanced diet can do as much good for your hair as it can for your skin and body! Keratin is the most important ingredient when it comes to your hair. So having a diet that’s rich in proteins, biotin, vitamins and minerals can help give you naturally more voluminous hair. If you’re restricted in terms of your protein intake, try including supplements with fatty acids and omega-3.

4. Learn What’s Good

Read the product labels right and know the right kind of products to use. Hair products with formulas that include zinc and iron are great as they promote healthy hair. When it comes to your shampoo and conditioner, it’s important to find the right one. OGX offers a great range of products to regain thickness and volume.

5. Benefit From Your Blow-dry

We all want bouncy and fuller looking hair. But making your way to the salon every now-and-then can get a little annoying—also, it’s heavy on the pocket, amirite? But it is possible to perfect a voluminous blow-dry at home with these simple tips…

Do you have thin hair? What are your quick fixes? Let us know in the comments below!

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