Bigg Boss 12: The Khan Sisters Pass Body Shaming Comments On Ex-Roadies Contestant Kriti Verma

Pallavi Manoj , 20 Sep 2018
Khan Sisters and Kriti Verma
Khan Sisters and Kriti Verma

We may just be on Day 3 of Bigg Boss season 12 but it’s safe to say that the show and the contestants are living up to its name and fame. The Khan sisters have been one such pair that has been making headlines ever since Day 1, thanks to their staged fight with Shivashish, their spat with Sreesanth and the comments passed by them on the other inmates. And it’s clear from the episodes so far that the housemates are not happy with them. Both Somi and Saba Khan seem to have no intention of slowing down or stepping away from the limelight. They seem to be hellbent on creating more fodder for drama.

After all the drama from Day 1 and 2, they’re back with more. While they may have promised to stand up for women empowerment at the premiere of the show, in latest news, the two were caught passing some rather mean comments on ex-roadies contestant Kriti Verma. The sisters can be seen talking about Kriti’s teeth.

Bade Bade Daant Dikha ke Has Rahi Hai.

Within 3 days, the Khan sisters have managed to get on the bad side of many contestants, we’ll have to wait and see what will unfold after such nasty comments were passed.

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