You may have seen Urvashi Rautela in 2016 adult comedy Great Grand Masti and more recently in Hate Story 4. You may have seen Gigi Hadid on glossy magazine covers, on most prestigious runways in the west, on talk shows and award shows as well. If you ask what’s common between these two women, I’d say, both gorgeous, both have walked ramps, different ones but nevertheless walked. But, turns out there’s one more thing that’s common between the two. An Instagram caption.

Two days ago, Urvashi had lashed out at a publication for writing stories regarding her and Ahaan Panday. The website it seems had been quite nasty and was apparently calling her out on her publicity stunt. But, as anyone would and should, Urvashi opened up about how it was not cool to be so negative all the time and put out an Instagram post of the piece.

Check out the post.

Fair enough?! Yup.

Until, the internet figured out that the heartfelt caption of the post was super similar (to put it mildly) to probably one of the most famous American models right now, Gigi Hadid.

Check it out.

Gigi was referring to the posts she gets tagged in regarding her boyfriend Zayn Malik here. While I appreciate Urvashi’s sentiments in lashing out at the publication that put out nasty comments about her, I don’t think plagiarizing someone else’s words is helping her case in any way.  Even if she agreed with Gigi, she could have simply quoted her and left it at that.

What do you guys think about this development?