Love is everywhere if you really look around. If you’re in a relationship, then hanging out with other couples is fun. But, if you’re single and surrounded by couples (some chilled, some uncomfortably cheesy), you’ll definitely know what we’re going to talk to you about today. Yep, we’ve got you all the different types of couples you’ve probably come across in your life.

1. The Intellectual One

These guys are super smart. They’ll watch a tonne of documentaries, visit museums, and lots of art exhibitions too. These guys also travel often. So they bring back these interesting stories about the history of the place, facts and recipes of the food they ate, and if you’re lucky they might even cook them up for you.

2. The Hosts

They’re always warm and an ace in hospitality. They’re the permanent hosts for every party. All the pre-drinking and after-parties are hosted by them.

3. The PDA Ones

Everyone’s drinking, dancing and having a great time. And these guys are sticking their tongues down in each other’s throat almost as if they’re looking for gold in there. All you really wanna do is yell, “Get a room!”

4. The Teasers

They’re the playful couple. Absolutely contradictory to the cheesy couple. These guys are super chill and easy going. There’s constant playful banter between the two. Their way of expressing love is not the conventional way. It’s fun, instead!

5. The Early-To-Bed Couple

This couple always leaves early. They’re not the type of couple who hang out till late. Once the clock hits 12, they just rush! OMG, they’re Cinderella!

6. The Childhood Sweethearts

These guys have met when they were in their cradles. Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. But they did meet pretty young. They’ve known each other for so darn long, that they now are more like friends as opposed to a romantic couple.

7. The New Found Lovers

Contrary to the childhood sweethearts, these guys just met. It’s new, exciting and electric. They’re all over each other always!

8. The Fighter Cocks

Man, oh man are they annoying! They break up often and it gets really annoying for people around to deal with the drama. We always think of telling them to not be such a buzzkill and to take it outside!

9. The Hiders

No one knows about their relationship yet. They haven’t told anyone yet but they think people are stupid and don’t get their constant eye-gazing and not-so-subtle blushing.

10. The Long-Distance Strugglers

Their relationship is mostly with their phones. The poor things are dating, but feel single because their SO is never around.

If you’re single, tell us what kind of couples you usually hang out with. And if you’re in a relationship, tell us which couple you are!

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