Bigg Boss 12: Dipika Kakar Ibrahim Breaks Down After The First Captaincy Task

Pallavi Manoj , 21 Sep 2018

It’s a new day and new drama has already sprouted out in the Bigg Boss 12 house. One week in the house is coming to a close and as expected the excitement is peaking for Salman Khan‘s Weekend Ka Vaar. But before that, the first captaincy task had taken place last evening and it was eventful to say the least.

Bigg Boss had appointed Anup Jalota as the King of the house and had restricted the captaincy task only to women owing to the subpar performance by all the men in the house. The task was to pretend to be princesses and impress Anup with their performances. While Dipika Kakar managed to win the maximum number of roses from Anup, Kriti and Roshmi came out as winners in the end by using a free pass mentioned in the Bigg Boss instructions. Following this, Dipika breaks down crying.

But as soon as the episode got aired on TV, Dipika’s husband Shoaib Ibrahim came out in support of her by posting about it on Instagram.

Check it out.

Aww! How sweet is that?

Dipika is one of the strong contenders this season and has been nominated for elimination this week, so it is natural that she’s worried.

Wishing her all the best for the rest of her journey in the Bigg Boss house!

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