Sacred Games Actress Elnaaz Norouzi Was Denied A House For Being A Single Woman

Priyanka Parmar , 21 Sep 2018

We’re in a world where women are breaking barriers and achieving things that may have not been possible a few years ago. They’re fighting for their rights and for that of others who can’t stand up for themselves. They making change happen and being the fae of that change in any capacity they can. And yet, yet there are so many battles that come with being a woman, like the wage-gap across industries, gender-based harassment and just face bias on different levels every day. Sacred Games actress, Elnaaz Norouzi had to face something similar when she was denied a house for being an actress and a single woman. Yep. You read that right.

Here’s what the actress had to say:

As an actor trying to find an apartement in Bombay is a huge task, I’ve been denied several times. Being a girl and single on top just makes it seem impossible to find a decent place, the options of really good apartement’s become so less that you end up looking for about 4 months till you find a nice home. I am so glad that I finally found this beautiful apartement in Bandra , I hope I wont have to move anytime soon again, it’s good to find landlords who trust that you are just as normal as anyone else, even if you are an actor :)

Way to jump back a few hundred steps wrt social progress, right? It upsets me that while we’re trying to move ahead and create an equal world, its petty social constructs like these that hold us back.

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