Bigg Boss 12: Anup Jalota To Be Sent To The Torture Chamber During Tonight’s Episode?

Bigg Boss 12: Anup Jalota To Be Sent To The Torture Chamber During Tonight’s Episode?

Priyanka Parmar

It was on the 16th of September that Salman Khan hosted the premiere of Bigg Boss 12 and introduced us to all the contestants. It has been six days and it’s time for the housemates to face Salman and all he has to say about their week in the Bigg Boss house. A lot that happened this week and I am sure it’s going to lead to some epic confrontations on the season’s first ‘Weekend ka Vaar’.

Is’nt it funny how no matter what the contestants do during the week, most them always turn into the most charming people when Salman interacts with them? Makes me think of all the times Indian kids would behave well when the strict elders visited them. Human behaviour is certainly amusing and there isn’t a better show than Bigg Boss that shows just how unpredictable it can be. While we can’t wait to see Salman level with the contestants, a little birdie told us something rather interesting that’s about to happen today. According to our source, the housemates will be asked to choose a Gunhegaar of the week. While we could think of many other options, surprisingly a majority of the votes will go against, Anup Jalota, sentencing him to the ‘Torture Chamber’ in the house.

Just knowing that much has got us intrigued and even more interested in finding out what will happen on tonight’s episode but that’s not all. A snippet from tonight’s episode was shared by the channel earlier today where Salman questions Sreesanth about his comment on Somi’s upbringing. Yep, the incident that led to a whole other bunch of fights and drama in the last few days. Sreesanth wanted to leave the house during the fight and seems like he’s thinking of doing the same thing tonight! Makes one want to think if Sreesanth really just wants to leave the house and is finding reasons to do so, no?

Check out the video here:

At least Sreesanth is consistent if nothing else. ;)

Tune into Colors TV at 9 pm tonight and watch the drama unfold… correction… watch tonnes of drama unfold.