If you are an avid Instagram-er and a fashion enthusiast, you already know how trending the baby giraffe pose is on the ‘gram. For those who have no idea what it is all about, Malaika Arora‘s latest posts would be a great reference. Instagram‘s Head of Fashion Partnerships, Eva Chen got this pose trending on Insta when she explained what it is exactly. It is when you pose with one leg slightly crossed and ahead of another. The Instagram-ers were all in for this and couldn’t get enough of it.

Our favourite Bollywood beauty Malaika Arora is in on it too. For the new season of India’s Next Top Model, Malaika has been seen slaying in some sexy outfits. But what remains constant is the baby giraffe pose that she is a total pro at it . Here are the different outfits in which she aced the pose:

1. In An All-White Ensemble By Massimo Dutti

2. In A Starry Dress From Kalmanovich

3. In A Bedazzled Short Dress From Yolancris

4. In An All-Blue Ensemble From THYM

5. In An Outfit From Misha Collection

6. In An Outfit From Meshki

Now that you know the trendiest pose on the ‘gram right now, will you try it out?

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