Exclusive: “I Hope Bollywood Will See More Movies Directed By Her” – Kangana Ranaut’s Manikarnika Co-Star

Shravan Shah , 24 Sep 2018
Manikarnika's poster and Andy Von Eich
Manikarnika’s poster and Andy Von Eich

Every time Kangana Ranaut makes headlines, the actress makes heads turn. Recently, reports surrounding her upcoming project made headlines, after her co-star, Sonu Sood quit Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi. While fans were figuring out what was happening, came news of the director, Krish leaving the film and Kangana donning the director’s hat. Ever since then, a lot has been said about the period drama. While we were thinking what was happening with the film, we came across a tweet which was quite surprising.

Kangana’s co-star Andy Von Eich who is part of the project took to Twitter recently and wrote,

Andy essays the role of a Britisher in a film. We got in touch with the actor who exclusively told us that it was brilliant being on the sets where Kangana was directing. Divulging details, Andy said,

I’ve been shooting for Manikarnika since December 2017. I actually thought I wrapped for the movie in March but was called yesterday to do some patchwork at NDs Studios.

The Manikarnika actor further added,

Over the monsoon time, I stayed back at my home country Germany, so I only followed briefly that there were some difficulties with the movie. When I read that Kangana took over the direction, I couldn’t understand the critics, since I generally believed she will be able to do the job.

Sharing his experience, Andy said,

Being on set yesterday, I wasn’t surprised that she managed to direct since she is a respected actress. But I really had to notice that the entire set, includes all production departments, were organised with an outstanding dedication. Everything was well planned and taken care of. This gives us actors the space to focus and concentrate on our role. At the same time, all over the set there was a friendly and warm atmosphere, which gave me the comfort and confidence to do a good performance. The mood on the shoot was professional but also relaxed.

Andy further also praised the actress and said that she will be directing more films.

As Kangana is a great actress herself, she gave us actors space to express ourselves and gave us very settled introductions, often by playing the character in front of us. It was a great experience shooting with Kangana, to which also the other foreign actors from New York and London agreed. I hope, Bollywood will see more movies directed by her.

Seems like Manikarnika will surely be a film worth waiting for!

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