This Once-In-12 Years Phenomenon Makes The Hills Of Kerala Turn Blue

Karishma Govil , 25 Sep 2018
Neelakurinji Flower (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Neelakurinji Flower (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

There’s a reason why Kerala is called God’s Own Country. It’s a traveller’s paradise, TBH. Let’s take their cuisine for instance. The lip-smacking dishes include rice staples, coconut milk based gravies, succulent meat and more. Next up is their culture. The beautiful and rich culture that includes dance forms like Kathakali, ancient martial arts called Kalaripayattu, incredible spas and more! And of course, when you think of Kerela, you immediately think of the backwaters and tea plantations in Munnar. It’s beautiful and if you really wanna be close to nature, this is the place to be. And on that note, we’ve got you another reason to visit real soon. And that’s the Neelakurinji flower. Intrigued? Here are the deets!

Here’s A Little About This Phenomenon

The Neelakurinji flower (Strobilanthes Kunthiana) that we witness only once every 12 years has started blooming beautifully along the Nilgiri Hills despite the recent calamities that the state suffered.

Where Do They Bloom?

They have bloomed across Rajamala, Kolukkumala, Kottakamboor, Vattavada and Kanthalloor too. After the restrictions of the District Collector on the tourism sector were lifted, about 25,000 tourists have visited the park in the past 5 days. And why wouldn’t they? This site is an absolute beauty! Plus, it’s not like they bloom every year. So, why would anyone miss this opportunity?

Why Do They Bloom Only Once In 12 Years?

FYI, the reason these flowers bloom only once every 12 years is that the Neelakurinji flower is a perennial one. That means they take 12 years to mature and flower and hence, you see this beautiful blue spectacle only once over a decade.

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Tourists are flooding to Kerala to watch the 50 shades of blue in Munnar and it’s going to be fascinating!

Do tell us your story if you’ve managed to catch this scenery.

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