9 Signs That Prove You're The HBIC!

Karishma Govil , 26 Sep 2018
HBIC (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
HBIC (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

Millennials are quick thinkers, always motivated, adventurous and independent. They’re always on top of things and are updated about everything going on thanks to their healthy addiction to the internet. The one thing I totally love about being a millennial or having one around is their lingo! If you’re not already aware of a few millennial terms let’s fill you in! So, there’s YOLO (You Only Live Once), FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), Spill the tea, sis (a new way of saying spill the beans) and so on. Today, we’re gonna talk to you about the newest term we’re already in love with. It’s Head Bitch In Charge (HBIC)! According to urbandictionary.com, a HBIC is a woman with unquestioned authority, someone who gets what she wants whenever she wants it. She rules with an iron fist of b*tchy-ness and fear. Cross her and you die. If you’re feeling this term, here are a few signs you’re an HBIC.

1. You Don’t Take No For An Answer

You’re your own boss! And basically, the boss of others too. No one can ever deny you of anything. You have that quality of getting things done no matter what.

2. You Get Sh*t Done

You get what you want because you’ll do anything to achieve it. And if used correctly, this quality can be quite handy.

3. You Tell It Like It Is

You call a spade, a spade! You’re brutally honest and don’t shy away from telling people the harsh truth.

4. You Know How To Influence A Crowd

Like mentioned earlier, no one can ever say no to you. You know how to get everyone to agree with you because you have great persuasive skills.

5. You’re The Center Of Attention

Everyone always wants to be around you because you’re just that entertaining. Everything you say never fails to grab everyone’s attention, basically you’re a total hoot!

6. You’re Friendly And Social AF

You’ve got a knack of making friends easily cause you’re so enterprising. You know how to network and socialise at a party or gathering.

7. You’re A Natural Leader

Now, we’re not saying you were a born leader, but you’ve definitely grown to be one! You’re great with people and know how to make people work as a team.

8. You’re Okay With Being Feared

No one wants to mess with you. Not only because you’re ballsy and will scratch their eyes out, but you tell it like it is and will call BS out when you have to without hesitation.

9. You Demand Respect

You’re fierce, feisty, confident and respect others so you expect the same in return.

We know it may sound like you have a mean streak, but we don’t think that’s necessarily bad. If you use it for the better, there’s nothing wrong with it. So, if you’re an HBIC, you should be proud of how good your leadership skills are! Way to go, bud!

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