Bigg Boss 12 Day 9 Recap: Sreesanth Threatens To Slap Saba Khan For Torturing Nehha Pendse During A Task

Bigg Boss 12 Day 9 Recap: Sreesanth Threatens To Slap Saba Khan For Torturing Nehha Pendse During A Task

Priyanka Parmar

Day 9 in the house begins with Saat Samundar Paar and the housemates are seen in a good mood as always. Soon after, Romil Chaudhary and Saba Khan are seen discussing the next task and predict what it could be. They also discuss the consequences of her becoming the captain this time around.

It’s the Bigg Boss house and if there is one thing that you can always expect are the unexpected fights and arguments that sprout out at any time. One such argument happened between Deepak Thakur and Sourabh Patel as the former fell asleep during the day instead of finishing his share of kitchen duties. Kriti speaks in support of Deepak and says he is unwell but Sourabh and Deepak continue arguing and the housemates are forced to intervene. Soon after, we got to see another thing that the Bigg Boss house tends to do and that’s making the contestants miss their loved ones. Dipika who recently got married was missing her hubby and was seen wearing his hoodie.
If you watched even a single season of Bigg Boss you know how much a luxury means to the housemates and the kind of drama it can unfold. The latest episode of Bigg Boss 12 witnessed another one of the tasks that test the patience and also the intensity of the housemates to win the luxury budget. Srishty Rode was asked to introduce the task called Samudri Lootere where the singles will be seen as sailors on a ship individually protecting a ring while the opposite team collectively tortures with available resources to make them quit the task mid-way. Sreesanth is excused from the task owing to his sickness but he is allowed to consult his teammates on the game. Former captains, Kriti Verma and Roshmi Banik are made the sanchalaks of this task.

That sounds exactly what it looked like on TV – a huge dose of drama. Before the task begins, Dipika is seen asking Sreesanth to hide her family’s photo as she will give up if the jodis tear the photo. Once the task starts, jodis subject the single players to torture. Karanvir Bohra and Nehha Pendse are seen complaining to them about their non-compliance with the rules. Jodis are unsparing, and single players get annoyed at them for their inhuman treatment. The former remain unfazed and continue to do the task in their own way.

Nehha is the first one to do the task and the jodis throw, eggs, powder, garbage, oranges, water and try their best to make her give up. Sreesanth warns Saba to stop getting physical with Nehha or he’d be forced to slap her. The two of them get into a verbal spat but Neha braves it all and performs the task well making the Singles win the first round. At the same time, Sreesanth feels terribly looking at Nehha’s condition and Srishty consoles him.

It is Srishty who takes the chair next but the torture of the jodis break her as she is seen stepping from the chair before Bigg Boss‘ announcement. She later explains to Nehha that she like the opponents were slapping her as they threw cold water on her face. Nehha is seen trying to calm her down. Dipika goes next and tries to brave the torture as they splash cold water on her face. However, Kriti-Roshmi asks Dipika to step down from the chair and the latter accuses them of partiality.

Karanvir was next and suffered the wrath of the jodis who were playing the part of pirates in this task. The jodis left no stone unturned to torture him while he protected the gold ring. Karanvir kept going strong while his team members Sreesanth and Dipika were seen uncomfortable.

The task ended and so began the discussions, as Sourabh tries to defend his team’s actions, but Sreesanth isn’t buying any of it. The celeb contestants have a separate discussion and Dipika admits Kriti-Roshmi have lost all the respect owing to their partiality during the task.

On the other hand, Nirmal, Saba and Somi say that the singles were acting and how they were prepared for everything. The singles are also seen strategizing for Day 2 of Samudri Lootere while Jasleen Matharu and Shivashish Sharma are seen hiding the shampoo and conditioner that could be used to torture them during the task. Jasleen is then seen telling Saba and Roshmi that the celebrities will avoid using chilly powder or something similar to not appear evil to the viewers. The girls continue planning their strategy for the task.

Samudri Lootere has definitely changed the equations in the house and it will be interesting to see how part 2 of the task plays out!

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