VIDEO: MasterChef Judge Ranveer Brar Teaches You How To Make The Perfect Omelette In 5 Easy Steps

Pallavi Manoj , 26 Sep 2018
Priyam Saha and Ranveer Brar
Priyam Saha and Ranveer Brar

An omelette will probably sound like one of the simplest things that you can make, but it’s not easy making the perfect omelette. I mean if you’re anything like me (all thumbs in the kitchen), you know the struggle is real when it comes to getting that omelette from the pan to the plate. Turns out there’s an easier way of doing it than converting your omelette into scrambled eggs (happens with me every single time). And thanks to Priyam Saha from Team MissMalini and Pepperfry we got to invade the house of one of the most popular chefs in India and find out first hand.

Along with being one of the celebrated chefs in India, Ranveer Brar is also a TV show host, judge, food stylist, and an author. I mean, if him being one of the judges of MasterChef India alongside Sanjeev Kapoor doesn’t tell you what a big deal he is, I don’t know what will.

It’s not every day that a celebrity chef invites you to his kitchen and offers to give you a masterclass in how to make the perfect omelette. Priyam was more than happy to learn from him and we’re sure you’ll be too!

Here’s What You’ll Need

3 Eggs
A pinch of Himalayan pink salt
2 drops Garlic juice
1/4 tsp Truffle oil
1 heaped tbsp Cheese (any semi-soft cheese but soft cheddar or Gruyere preferred )

Here’s How You Can Put It All Together

Step 1

Break the eggs into a bowl, add a pinch of the Himalayan pink salt, 2 drops of garlic juice, 1/4 tsp of truffle oil and whisk it until smooth.

Step 2

Pour a little bit of oil on to the pan as you heat it. Wait until the pan is medium hot and pour in the whisked eggs into the pan.

Step 3

Stir the mixture in the pan and take the pan off the fire.

Step 4

Grate some cheese on to the omelette and fold the omelette bringing everything together on to one side of the pan.

Step 5

Watch the video to find out the easiest trick to plate the omelette without creating a mess.

The Perfect Omelette by Chef Ranveer Brar

PS: You also get to see what happened when Priyam tried to recreate Ranveer’s perfect cheesy omelette.

Sums up our reaction to the cheesy goodness.

Priyam Saha
Priyam Saha

Ranveer also told us how his kitchen actually aids him in cooking. He has the neatest and the most organised white kitchen that you’ll ever see and the minute you walk in, you know where everything you need will be. This, Ranveer says, is crucial for a perfect cooking experience.

That’s what modular kitchens are for, right? Everything has to be with in reach when you’re cooking.

You can check out modular kitchens available at Pepperfry, here

Take a look.

Thank you for being so warm and wonderful, Ranveer! P.S. – We’ll never forget the omelette masterclass you gave Priyam!

To know why Ranveer loves Pepperfry so much, click here.

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