The Trip 2: The Girl Gang Is Back With Another Dose Of Laughter, Fun & Mishaps

Priyanka Parmar , 27 Sep 2018
The Trip 2

The Trip, featuring Lisa HaydenMallika DuaSapna Pabbi, and Shweta Tripathi released two years ago and made us want to be a part of their not-so-perfect (read: disaster-prone) but amazing trip. The performances were applaudable and made an instant connection with the audience. The short web-series ended sooner than we would have liked and it looks like the makers felt the same. The trailer for its sequel was released three days ago and there are so many reasons to be excited about the second season!

Have a look at the roller-coaster of emotions that is the trailer of The Trip 2.

One obvious change in this season is that Lisa isn’t a part of it while Amyra Dastur has joined the cast and will be seen playing Mallika aka Nazia’s cousin. Another reason that makes me like this, even more, is that it is written and directed by two amazing women. Nandini Gupta has written The Trip 2 while Gippy director, Sonam Nair has co-written and directed it as well.

Talking about the second season, Sonam said:

We wanted to keep the theme of women friendship. You know, girls standing up for each other and being a part of each other’s lives and it’s not that men are not important. But how important it is for women to stick up to each other. So people can see that these are the things that all women deal with or these are the things that are maybe special to one kind of woman but your type of woman is also there on the screen. So we have these four very different characters and we’re not necessarily tackling any women’s issues. We’re showing four very real, relatable and yet very different characters and each one is doing very well in their sphere, in their life. But there’s something missing from them that their friends come and give in to them and vice versa.

She went on to add:

So, it’s just about representing different kinds of women on screen, representing women bonding on the screen instead of always watching women tear each other down or be competitive. It’s also about modern women and how they live their lives right now and how they think, how they behave. They all have nice jobs and are figuring out love and careers. That’s what we have gone for. This is an honest representation of what young, modern women of India are like. If we just do that, an honest depiction of that, I felt like that was feminist enough. Because even that is hardly there in media anymore.

Here’s what Sonam had to say about adding her own touch to The Trip 2:

My own personal take on it was just because I am young, modern female in India and so are my friends. So a lot of it came from me and my friend, Nandini Gupta who co-wrote it. I have a great bunch of girlfriends and we help each other out all the time and we have starkly different personalities and we somehow balance each other out in a way. That was an influence in directing and writing this as well.

The Gippy director also spoke about her cast:

The actors also are great girls, they’re different from each other and have brought in their own personalities to their characters as well. So it was a good mix of the kind of women we want to show and who are also making the show possible.

Looks like The Trip 2 is going to take the fun a few notches higher from the previous season with Sonam Nair at the helm of it. We can’t help but feel excited to witness this amazing group of women come together and create a show that speaks to the modern women of India.

The first episode of The Trip 2 goes Live on the 5th of October and we can’t wait to watch it!

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