Bigg Boss 12 Day 11 Recap: Will Sreesanth Finally Leave The House?

Bigg Boss 12 Day 11 Recap: Will Sreesanth Finally Leave The House?

Priyanka Parmar

Bigg Boss wakes up the contestants up on Day 11 with yet another be-fitting song, Koi Hero Yahaan, Koi Zero Yahaan. Dipika Kakar recounts an incident from last night and explains that for the first time the Khan sisters were scared of something in the Bigg Boss house. It wasn’t a task or a new rule by Bigg Boss, it was Srishty Rode’s sleepwalking habit. Dipika even went on to say that for the first time she felt bad for the Khan sisters.

Jasleen Matharu has been miffed with Dipika ever since the Samudri Lootere task. Today, Anup was seen talking to Tasleen about it and asking her to be nice to Dipika for now. Even though she initially refuses to, Jasleen goes and hugs Dipika after listening to Anup. After a while, the couple is seen lightening up the mood in the house as Jasleen puts on lipstick and kisses her bae, Anup on the cheeks and forehead. The other contestants cheer on as he announces he won’t remove the marks!

Romil Chaudhary also tries to have fun with the couple and tells Anup that Jasleen wants him to praise her. Not long after, Romi and Karanvir Bohra get into a fight as KV asks the former to not waste food. The get into an argument and Bohr asks Chaudhary to not call him KV. Although the fight doesn’t end there, it only intensifies further as Shivashish Sharma joins in. Romil and Shivashish go so far as to abuse each other where the former ends up threatening the latter a lesson. The argument only ends when Sourabh intervenes.

Soon after the fight, Romil is seen in a discussion with Deepak Thakur where he asks the singer to have a better interaction with the team. Deepak listens to what he has to say but explains to him that he is neutral towards both teams. As reported earlier, Bigg Boss then announces that he is taking away Mangluto from the contestants. It’s the blue round-seated area where most of the gossip and conversations take place. Most housemates seem upset by this loss but Romil and Deepak are the ones who feel the worse as they spent most of their time there.

Jasleen and Roshmi Banik up the glamour and hotness factor in the Bigg Boss house as they take a swim in the pool. Jasleen is seen sporting a hot Read bikini and Anup can’t help but be cheesy as he calls her a Jalpari (mermaid). Bigg Boss does what he loves most and throws another shocker their way as he sends ex-Bigg Boss contestant, Vikas Gupta in the house to give the contestants a reality check. The housemates are asked to freeze right where they are as Vikas enters the house and drops truth bombs.

Nehha Pendse is his first target as he goes up to her and tells her that she has no viewpoints or perspective of her own in the house. Vikas then goes to Urvashi Vani and praise her for standing up against something wrong and even tells her that the audience is liking that quality. He quickly moves on to Srishty and tells her to buck up as the audience is not liking her attitude of not mingling with the commoners. Gupta then gives a reality check to Sreesanth and tells him he gives up very easily on tasks and just wants to leave the house.

It’s Karanvir whom he talks to next, telling him that he is disappointed in him watching KV giving advice to anyone and everyone whether they ask for it or don’t. Vikas makes his way to Jasleen and asks her to lead since despite being the eldest in the house, Anup is never seen taking a stand. Vikas goes to Dipika, she breaks down and cries as Vikas tells her to be strong and that she got lost in the crowd. The two are seen hugging each other. The ex-Bigg Boss contestant calls Deepak Chalak as he became everyone’s favourite within three days of the launch. He also called him out for telling his teammates to use shampoo during Samudri Lootere and then backing away from his words.

After Vikas leaves, Sreesanth is the first one to share his displeasure with his points and views. He says Vikas must not even have seen all the episodes and is just commenting on the contestants’ behaviour basis one or two episodes. He is clearly upset and claims that he doesn’t even know Vikas and that nobody has the right to tell him what he can do. Deepak tries to calm him down but all his efforts are in vain.

Adding fuel to fire is the Kaalkothri nominations. The celebrities name Romil and Nirmal and the jodi argues with them. The duo is seen getting into a war of words with Deepak. Anup nominates Deepak and Urvashi and Sreesanth speaks in Urvashi’s support. Which leads to an argument between him, Deepak and Romil. Sreesanth leaves the argument mid-way. Romil isn’t willing to accept the mistake which leaves Sreesanth angry and he walks off again.

Sreesanth walks straight towards the main door and starts banging it. He asks Bigg Boss to let him go since he has no wish to stay in the Bigg Boss house. Dipika, Deepak, Kriti, and a few others try to talk him out of it but he seems determined.

Drama has an ever-moving horizon in the Bigg Boss house and we can’t wait to find out if Sreesanth will actually exit the house this time.

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