Don’t we all work very hard for our salaries? The boss’ firing, the local train fights, the heat, waking up early in the morning and so much more! All for that one message we receive from our bank on the 1st of every month. We feel rich exactly for two hours, right? Then all those EMIs start getting deducted and you’re left with a 4-digit figure in minutes. And then, till the end of the month, you’re basically broke. If you feel the way we feel, here are a few signs you may have reached the end of the month and all you get when you open your wallet is the sound of crickets and a bunch of dust bunnies.

1. The Office Supplies Are Scarce

You realise it’s the end of the month when the toilet paper, tissues and the milk are scarce in the office or at home!

2. You Have Only One ₹2,000 Note Left

All your money is over in your bank account and what you’ve got left is that one ₹2,000 note that no one wants to break.

3. You Start Borrowing Money From Your Parents

It’s that time when you bat your eyelashes and ask for money from mom or dad.

4. You Count Days

“3 days to go” or “2 days to go” is all your mind is calculating at this point.

5. You Eat At Home, ‘Cause No Money To Eat Out

You live on Maggi or dal chaawal at home because you can’t afford to be picky. There’s no way you can afford a lavish meal outside at the end of the month. You barely have money to travel to work!

6. Pre-Drinking Is The Only Option

No way can you go to a bar with all those insane cocktail prices and taxes. You make plans to drink at home with whatever little alcohol you have left.

7. Price Filters Are The Way To Shop

Whenever you browse through apps to shop, you’ll always filter the prices and look only under the Sale category.

8. Those Credit Card Bills And EMI Reminders Flood In

Now, of course, the EMIs and credit card bills are paid only next month, but those text messages preparing you to say goodbye to that amount is just heart-breaking!

9. Every Coin Counts

All the chillar from all the pockets of every pair of denims will count at the end of the month. The rickshawala will rue the day he asked you for chutta.

10. Even A ₹50 Nariyal Pani Seems Expensive

Well, honestly, 50 bucks for a nariyal pani is expensive anyway. But at the end of the month, it sounds like the price of gold. Hai na?

We bet these points will be pretty relatable as it is literally the end of the month! How are you surviving this phase, write us your tips and suggestions in the comments below!

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