The first and most attractive thing that came to my mind after watching the trailer of Sui Dhaaga- Made In India is the actors that were picked to play such modest parts. That is exactly the winning point of this film. Sharat Kataria‘s directorial venture is an inspirational story that motivates you to dream bigger and work harder.

Sui Dhaaga is the story of a small town man Mauji (played by Varun Dhawan) who is seemingly very happy with life despite his boss treating him like a dog (quite literally), his father’s constant rebukes, an ailing mother and a wife he has no time to even speak to properly. He goes by the motto, ‘Sab Badhiya Hai’, if you think about it something that reminds you of Rancho‘s All Is Well from 3 Idiots. But the movie is not just about him. It is equally about his silent but supportive wife Mamta (played by Anushka Sharma). Mamta is the one to plant a seed in Mauji‘s head to dream bigger and as they say think outside the four walls of the box like house. She pushes him to start off on his own, to do what he’s good at and what his family has been doing for generations until his father- Tailoring. But Mamta and Mauji‘s journey is not an easy one.

Like I said, the main star cast of the movie is certainly the highlight of this movie. Varun Dhawan makes Mauji come to life with great vigour and Anushka Sharma is seamless as Mamta. Sui Dhaaga features a chemistry between characters that is fresh just like the pairing. It shows us the small moments that actually matter and the reality of many a married couple from the lower economic strata. We see a happy couple, who figure themselves out as they both race towards their collective dream. Mauji and Mamta are both completely different type of characters for Varun and Anushka than they’ve ever done before. And it was amazing to see both of their brilliant attempts at it. But what stood out even more than them, is the supporting cast. Raghubir Yadav and Yamini Das are spectacular as Mauji’s cynical father and all-too loving mother. They make you wait for a scene that they are part of because they steal the show and how!

Coming to the story, the outline is something that we’ve seen before. Fight for self-reliance, the struggles to achieve a big dream, from riches to rags. What director-writer Sharat Katariya can be proud about is how he has helped in bringing out each character during the course of the movie. By the end of the movie, you know Mauji and Mamta extremely well. Sharat helps bring a charm to the story that could’ve easily been an extremely serious and monotonous movie. The daily conflicts and hardships that the common folk face is seamlessly woven into the story.

But, the entire movie felt too whitewashed or rather too well put together to be a story of couple from a really small town. The film lacked the raw feel of a village or even in the way the insides of the hospitals were picturized. I doubt if such characters and places in real life would seem like they don’t have a hair out of place. The movie also felt a little too long, it could’ve been at least half an hour shorter if the slow-motion scenes were cut out. Also, whatever conflicts they face are just as easily overcome. While it doesn’t give leave you with goosebumps that usually such inspirational stories give, you will leave with a smile on your face.

Cast: Varun Dhawan, Anushka Sharma, Raghubir Yadav

Director: Sharat Kataria

Rating: 3/5