Rishi Kapoor Asks Fans Not To Worry Before Leaving For The U.S.A. For A Medical Treatment

Priyanka Parmar , 01 Oct 2018

Rishi Kapoor has had many fans ever since his early years in the industry. He has managed to stay in touch with all of them over the years and does so even now. He is one of the most active Bollywood stars on social media and often shares his views and thoughts about various things with his followers through his tweets.

He also uses the platform to share personal news and updates with his fans. He did the same recently when he shared the news about him going to the U.S.A. He also shared the reason for his visit and asked his fans to not worry.

Here’s what the entire tweet read

Isn’t that sweet of him to inform his fans?

We hope the actor feels better and returns to the country soon!

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