This Throwback Video Of Tanushree Dutta's Car Being Vandalized Is Going Viral

Pallavi Manoj , 01 Oct 2018

In a series of video interviews, Tanushree Dutta spoke about the harassment she faced at the hands of Nana Patekar on the sets of 2008 film Horn Ok Pleasssss. While Nana insisted that she do intimate steps with him for a song, Ganesh Acharya, the choreographer had changed the steps to make it to his liking. When Tanushree refused to do the song, apparently Nana had called goons on the sets to intimidate her. While the actress had spoken about the incident back in 2008, she recently revealed that she was intimidated and her car vandalized by Nana’s people.

Now, a 2008 video of a mob attacking her car has surfaced and it is scary. Tanushree is seen trying to calmly handle the situation with her father in the front seat of the car, while a bunch of people are seen deflating the tires of her car and banging on her windows to shatter the glass. Tanushree is seen on the phone with someone and later the police arrive to arrest the people who were trying to vandalize her car. In her interviews, she shared that she was so horrified by the incident that she would refuse to go back on any film set even though she got many offers after that.

Take a look.

It is truly horrific that this happened to Tanushree and once again I’m moved by how brave she was to come out and speak about the perpetrator of the incident.

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