It takes just one perfect dress to get you out of your LBD comfort zone, and it seems your favourite celebs have found it. Though a yellow floral dress is an ultimate summer outfit, it works well any time of the year. You may ask what’s so special about it that can be worn throughout the year? Genuinely, it’s just its ability to brighten up your day. The yellow colour is perceived as energetic and warm, so it tends to induce cheerfulness. Add to it the happy, shiny vibes of a contrasting floral print, and you have a fantastic mix!

Celebs are catching on the vibe and are welcoming the sunny hue in their wardrobe. Come fall or winter, the colour adds a boost of cheerfulness to a look. Also, easy-breezy silhouettes are especially winning the game with this one. The yellow floral dress is trending for sure, and here’s how the B-Town beauties are playing it up:

1. Priyanka Chopra In A Dress By Caroline Constas

2. Shilpa Shetty Kundra In A Dress By Nupur Kanoi

3. Karisma Kapoor In A Dress From Rag & Bone

4. Shraddha Kapoor In A Dress By Anoli Shah

5. Bhumi Pednekar In A Dress From Raisin

Are these celebs making you rethink about a yellow floral dress? They prove that it is a great investment and deserves to be in your wardrobe all year round. Which one of these styles would you buy, if given a choice? Comment with your answer.

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