It’s a new day in the Bigg Boss 12 house and of course, that means there’s new drama. It’s just been 2 weeks since the show began and the fights are getting ugly. And someone who is involved in all the fights so far has been Sreesanth Nair. He is always seen getting irritated with the arguments and tasks given to the inmates of the house and has twice threatened to leave the house.

Turns out, tonight’s episode will see Romil Choudhary and him getting into an ugly fight over some discussion of cricket. Romil had recently re-entered the house with Roadies ex-contestant Surbhi Rana. In the promo for tonight’s episode, Sreesanth is clearly looking like he’s in a bad mood and walks away to the bathroom area only to tell the contestants there that he will surely hit Romil before he leaves the show. He also says that he will not spare Romil for his arrogance. This is not the first time that Sreesanth has thrown around such statements or got miffed with the other inmates. He had said the same to the Khan sisters during the luxury budget tasks.

Well to see what actually went down after, we will have to see what actually happens in tonight’s episode!

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