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Pallavi Manoj , 03 Oct 2018
TikTok India

My Friday night would’ve been like any other boring night if I hadn’t attended TikTok India’s Creators Summit. If you don’t know what TikTok is, I’m guessing you were on a social media detox for way too long. There is no other way you could’ve missed the endless adorable videos that everyone’s been posting using the cool app. The popular has become TikTok now, resulting in a combined larger audience, and users were moved over with their existing videos and settings. It goes without saying that the fun and games remain the same!

On Friday, TikTok India pulled off a super amazing Creators Summit for all the popular creators on TikTok and it was a sight to watch. It was almost like a fan fest where a lot of creators were meeting each other for the first time. Among TV celebrities like Avneet Kaur and Aashika Bhatia, there were a number of top TikTokers like Awez Darbar, Nagma Mirajkar, Mr.Mnv, Unnati Malharkar, and Sameeksha present at the summit. These are just some of the ace creators that have mastered the art of making TikTok videos and they have millions of followers that watch them regularly on the app. Needless to say, other than hugs and hi-fives there was a buzz of ideas. TikTok is yet another social media platform that has allowed common folk to showcase their talent and earn a living, and that truly is amazing! Some of these creators have connected and stayed in touch via and because of the app and the summit was a meet and greet of all such influencers. Moreover, the night also saw the introduction of the Creators Playbook that is essentially an easy guide of tips and tricks to amplify your talent using the app.

Check out some pictures from the Creators Summit.

Avneet Kaur at Tik Tok Creator's Summit
Aashika Bhatia at TikTok Creator's Summit
TikTok Creator's Summit 2018
Raj Mishra at Tik Tok Creator's Summit
Avneet Kaur with Raj Singh, TikTok's Representative in India
Nagma and Awez at the Creator's Summit interacting with fellow creators

Other than this, the Creator Summit was also a platform to announce the winners of the 5th edition of the #1MillionAudition held by the company. #1MillionAudition is a yearly contest that is held by the app wherein participants can make videos on TikTok and win a prize for it. This time the top 5 winning creators of #1MillionAudition were awarded an iPhone X and a cash prize of INR 35,832. That’s not all, the top 200 participants also collectively won INR 28,66,600! This edition of #1MillionAudition included categories like fashion and art for the first time given the popularity of these categories among India creators.

Talking about #1MillionAudition, TikTok India’s spokesperson Raj Mishra said,

This edition was the first, after the rebranding of TikTok (previously and as always, each edition has been more exciting than the last and we are happy to know that users choose TikTok as the preferred platform to showcase their talent in front of a global audience. Moreover, we strive to keep adding new features, stickers, and special effects to supplement our creators videos.

While the summit was primarily for the creators, it also involved the introduction of a brand new in-app feature. TikTok announced its latest ‘React’ feature.

The ‘React’ feature will allow you to post video reactions to the videos that you watch! Instead of just text comments, you will now be able to react in the form of videos that will be superimposed on top of the existing clips. If you, like me, have spent hours watching reaction videos to trailers, spoilers and what not on Youtube, you know exactly how these videos work. To post a reaction, just click on react from the share menu and record your video.

Just that simple! How cool is that? I’m surely going to try it out. What about you?

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