Bigg Boss spells out Bigg entertainment and bigger drama. It’s Day 17 in the house and as usual, tempers are running high and the drama level is only going up, up and up.

Last night Bigg Boss introduced the Jwalamukhi task aka this week’s luxury budget task and he made it clear that this will affect the selection of the next captain. From both the singles and the jodis one person had to enter the task. Meanwhile, a volcano was set up out which spat out balls from time to time and participants had to catch it and keep it in containers assigned to each player. What’s more? The players had to protect their containers from the other participants as well. Whoever had the least number of balls in their containers were eliminated from the task.

The singles, Dipika Kakar, Nehha Pendse, Srishty Rode, Karanvir Bohra, and Sreesanth were taking on jodi contestants Romil Choudhary, Jasleen Matharu, Saba Khan, Deepak Thakur, and Sourabh Patel. Surbhi Rana and Somi Khan are appointed sanchalaks for the task.

The task begins and so does the arguments. Sreesanth, while he refuses to do the task due to his medical condition, objects to Surbhi helping Romil in the task and a fight ensues between Romil and Sreesanth. But rain disrupts the task and the Bigg Boss pauses the task until it subsides. Sree tells the singles that he was going to hit Romil because of the things he said.

In the living room, Deepak tells Karanvir that he respected him a lot but he says he backbites a lot. Karanvir tells him not to respect him then. Deepak also says something that offends Sree and Sree loses his temper while the singles try to control him. Romil and Karanvir join in the fight too, but the others calm both the sides down.

The task resumes for the second round and this time things get rough. Saba steals balls from one of the single’s container and she blames Neha for having pushed her during the task. Sristy warns Neha about getting physical but Neha fights back. This round ends with Dipika getting eliminated.

In the next round, Romil steals balls from Karanvir’s container, but KV asks for Romil’s disqualification as he got hurt while Romil pulled the container. Meanwhile, Srishty steals from Deepak’s container while Saba saw it happen she does not do anything about it and the jodi contestants accuse her of favoritism towards Sristy. While Jasleen gets out in this round, Neha and Saba are still at loggerheads and Neha abuses Saba during the fight.

The jodis come to a decision to make Saba the captain and Sreesanth lets the singles know of this decision.

That was one action-packed episode for sure, wasn’t it? The housemates are fighting hard for their spot in the house and how!

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