Jasleen Matharu and Anup Jalota
Jasleen Matharu and Anup Jalota

It’s fights galore in the Bigg Boss house and by now none of us are surprised. Inmates usually never need a solid reason to start a fight and Day 18 has been no different. This episode starts with the celebrities discussing the fight between Nehha Pendse and Saba Khan and how Neha had used bad words for her. While Neha apologizes for the words she used she says she did nothing wrong by trying to defend her container, Saba cries and asks Bigg Boss to interfere saying that she’s not in the house to take anyone’s beating. The Jwalamukhi task resumes once again. Now Deepak Thakur, Neha, Karanvir Bohra, and Saba are in the game. After a while, Neha approaches Saba to give her all the balls in her container saying she has good faith in her captaincy. But Saba refuses to take them saying she wants to play fair. Neha goes to Romil next but he too refuses to take the balls. Neha gives away some balls to Karanvir. Deepak gets out in this round. Nehha and Saba fight over each other’s class. Neha leaves her container purposely and asks Saba to take most of the balls and puts it in Romil’s container and Saba gives the rest of them to KV.

Meanwhile, Jasleen Matharu and Anup Jalota patch up after Anup tells her that his behaviour was a warning for her to give him more importance than her clothes.

In this round, Neha is out. In the next round, Karanvir puts all the balls into Romil’s container and gets out. The task ends and the next captaincy contenders are Saba-Somi, Sourav-Shiv, and Romil-Surbhi.

The next day begins with the song Ziddi Dil very in sync with most of the people in the house.

While Anup jokingly taunts Jasleen telling her she would look good if she had cut her hair to save him and Jasleen says she doesn’t want to talk about that day.

Surbhi tells Romil that he does not want to support Saba and Somi for captaincy as they swore on their mother that they don’t want to be captain this week and didn’t follow through. Surbhi tries to talk about this to Somi but she says she swore in anger and didn’t mean anything. Meanwhile, while a broom Jasleen was using to clean hits Deepak’s foot and the two get into another argument. Somi walks away saying she doesn’t want to talk about it. Surbhi pursues the conversation with her and loses her cool when Saba calls her an idiot. The fight intensifies between them and other housemates intervene to hold them back.

While the others sit outside, Anup tells them that Surbhi is a trouble maker and has been making a lot of noise since she came.

Surbhi swears that she won’t let them live peacefully in the house at the end. Urvashi tries to sort out things between Jasleen and Deepak, but Jasleen is angry with the way he spoke to her.

Finally, the captaincy task is announced and that one person who didn’t take part in the previous task would be doing this task. So, Surbhi, Somi and Shiv are taking this task. The task is for the 3 of them to hold the captaincy ring for as long as possible. The last person standing wins. During the task, Saba tries to provoke Surbhi and the sister even laugh at her and Surbhi is furious. Neha tries to intervene and Surbhi cries saying everyone has made her the villain. After which Somi brings eggs in a cup to eat and Surbhi fearing that Somi will throw it at her, she knocks the cup over and apologizes saying that it was a mistake.

As the task progresses, Shiv and Somi wants to eat and he steals food from Urvashi’s plate and feeds Surbhi. Somi picks food from Sreesanth’s plate and eats. Somi is holding the ring with one hand and holding that with her other hand. Neha asks her not to do this, but Somi refuses. Finally, Neha disqualifies Somi. Somi walks out crying that this was unfair.

Make sure you watch tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss to see the rest of the drama that’ll unfold.

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