Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu
Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu

The captaincy task continues as Surbhi, Shiv and Somi sit holding the ring. While Sreesanth, Romil and Sourav discuss that Nehha is doing partiality with Somi, Surbhi complaints of getting hurt. Neha notices that Somi is holding the ring with one hand and using the other hand to hold her hand and asks her to stop doing that and use both hands. Somi refuses and Neha warns that she will disqualify her. Neha finally ends up disqualifying her and Somi leaves the ring in frustration. Most of the inmates don’t agree with Neha’s decision including Dipika. But Neha justifies herself saying she was just following rules.

As it’s getting late, Sourav asks to let the ring go. Shiv says he doesn’t mind as long as Sourav says so. Sourav consults Karanvir and he says the same too and Shiv gives up the ring making Surbhi the winner of the task. Romil and Surbhi become the house captains now. While Romil congratulates her he also tells her the swear words weren’t right and she’s on national television, so she has to think about him too.

The next morning, it is time to vote for who will be going to jail. Bigg Boss asks them to choose 1 celebrity and 1 pair.

Dipika takes Nehha’s name for swearing during the task and chooses Deepak and Urvashi from pair because of Deepak’s behaviour. Sree nominates himself for not supporting his team members during task and starting fight with Deepak and chooses Deepak and Urvashi from jodis. Nehha also takes her name and Deepak and Urvashi’s. Karanvir takes his name for supporting indirectly supporting Nehha when she was swearing during the task and nominates Deepak-Urvashi. Sristy takes Nehha’s name and Shiv-Sourav. Shiv-Sourav takes Sree and Deepak-Urvashi’s name. Anup-Jasleen take Sree’s name agreeing what he said about himself. From jodis, Deepak-Urvashi. Saba-Somi takes Nehha and Deepak-Urvashi’s name. Surbhi-Romil takes Saba-Somi’s and Karanvir from celebrities. Deepak-Urvashi take Karanvir’s name for breaking the rule and going in the water with the mic and Saba-Somi’s name from pairs.

Finally, Karanvir, Sree and Nehha are sent to jail. While in jail, Karanvir refuses to eat and Sree accuses Romil for not doing his captaincy well as it was a tie and they should have taken a proper decision as to who should’ve been sent to jail. During the argument, Sree spits on the floor and Surbhi says that he spat at a girl. Surbhi loses her cool and Sree locks himself in the bathroom for a while but Karanvir and Nehha bring him out.

Meanwhile, Bigg Boss arranges a special date for Jasleen and Anupji. The girls are supposed to get Jasleen ready and the boys are supposed to get Anupji ready and take them to the activity area. This is the first time that Anup-Jasleen has gone on a date. Both Anupji and Jasleen have a romantic date and have a wonderful time and even say I love you to each other.

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