The Tanushree DuttaNana Patekar controversy was just the beginning of India’s #TimesUp movement. With comedian Utsav Chakraborty‘s lewd behaviour coming to light on social media, a floodgate of sorts was opened to women sharing stories of their sexual harassment and problematic behaviour by men that have left them feeling uncomfortable.  Adding to this, was the news of Vikas Bahl’s alleged sexually despicable behaviour towards not one, as it turns out, but, to many women. While Kangana Ranaut opened up about what she thought of the accusations against Bahl, women all over the internet still continue to call out predators and perpetrators who are in positions of power. India’s #TimeUp movement has begun and how! About time too, don’t you think?

The latest celebrity to open up about the #MeToo movement in our country is Dia Mirza.

Speaking about how a number of women are coming forward with their stories, she told us,

It’s important that individuals are finding the courage to speak up. And even more important that the media approach this with sensitivity, care and due investigation. Harassment of any kind at a workplace or anywhere else is absolutely unacceptable. We all want to live and work within an ecosystem that is safe and fair for all. I hope that the strictest action is taken against anyone found guilty of violating this fundamental right. It’s important that cases be registered and due investigation conducted. Media must report facts.

Absolutely agree with you on this, Dia. I have to say I’m also glad that more and more celebrities are willing to speak out about the issue as well.