Saturday began with on-screen partners Govinda and Salman Khan waking up in the Bigg Boss house. They arrange breakfast for themselves and play a nomination game within Bollywood. As they’re discussing this, Bigg Boss asks them to leave the house. Back on stage, Govinda and Salman entertain the audience by grooving to a song from their movie Partner. After this, Salman shows the audience the task that was performed in the house. The inmates had to either throw mud or put chandan on cardboard cutouts of Surbhi and Romil according to their preferences. Dipika, Sreesanth, Karanvir, Sristy and Jasleen put mud on both their cutouts saying that Surbhi has to control herself and think before she speaks and that Romil is very manipulative. But Shivashish, Urvashi and Deepak put chandan on both their cutouts supporting them.

After promoting Govinda’s upcoming film Fryay, Govinda asks the inmate for that one person who is the most cunning or manipulative aka Topibaaz. Romil wins the title as everyone picks his name. In another one such game contestant have to sell each other as a product. While Dipika sells Surbhi as Surbi Bomb, Deepak sells Jasleen as choori and Anupji as Kaddu.

The fun between Govinda and Salman continue on stage and Govinda leaves in a while. Salman questions Karanvir, Sreesanth and Nehha for sitting on separate benches. While Karanvir tries to tell him that they all nominated themselves because they realized their mistakes, Salman tells him that they were punished because nominating themselves was a mistake. And also accuses them of taking their own names to avoid conflicts when they take other celebrities names. He also advises Sreesanth to play the game properly and not get too emotional and even warns Karanvir of the same. Both singles and jodis try and explain their strategy during the jwalamukhi task and Salman asks Karanvir if their strategy was to make jodis fight among themselves. Salman explains to all the singles that captaincy is very important and they have a lot of powers. He tells Sreesanth he is doesn’t understand why he convinced Shiv to leave the ring. He reminds Sree that this is not cricket where the whole team wins. After this, Salman asks everyone for the villain of the week and everyone takes Nehha’s name. She is sent to the torture room for punishment. Soon after, Deepak and Sourav get into an argument about the ring task and others try to calm them down.

The next episode starts with Salman promoting Loveyatri on Bigg Boss. But what’s more? Bigg Boss has a new contestant! Bharti Singh goes into the house to entertain the inmates. Bharti starts with roasting each contestant in the house. Bharti is on the show to promote India’s Got Talent’s upcoming season. Anup Jalota sings chaudvi ka chaand for her and she is impressed. She asks for a Jugalbandi between Anupji and Deepak. Their jugalbandi leaves everyone in awe. Bharti reveals that Nehha is good at pole dancing and asks her to show everyone some moves and she does. Next, she asks Jasleen to pole dance but using Anupji as a pole. Bharti flirts with Anupji too and lighten everyone’s mood. Salman gets into the house via Me-TV and Deepak sings a song that he composed for him. A caller asks Dipika why she hasn’t told Nehha about the time when Sreesanth had told her that he has some information on Nehha that’ll make her cry. Dipika replies saying Sreesanth hadn’t actually told her what the information was and if he had then she would’ve told her. This week’s Sultani Akhada, Deepak and Karanvir faces each other. The winner of this will be awarded a special power and the loser will have to do the winner’s chores for the entire week. Karanvir wins both rounds and Salman asks Surbhi and Romil to make sure Deepak does Karanvir’s work for the entire week. Meanwhile, a new room is opened for the first time in the house and Salman asks Sreesanth to go inside. He has a video message from his wife and children asking him to play the game well and not get too emotional about things. Sreesanth cries after seeing the video.

On the stage, Bharti joins Salman and poses as his secret wife and brings 9 kids who are great fans of papa Salman. After this, Salman goes back to the inmates and reveals that Anup Jalota-Jasleen Matharu, Karanvir Bohra, Srishty Rode and Sreesanth are the nominated contestants. Salman reveals Anupji and Jasleen have got the least votes. But Bigg Boss says one of them can stay. They come to the decision that Jasleen will stay. Salman asks Anupji to leave the house and after he’s gone, Jasleen tells Dipika that she’s now in the singles team. Deepak is miffed that Jasleen did not even ask Anupji to stay back once and reveals that she had once asked Romil if someone will get property after being in a live-in relationship.

But Salman reveals to the audience that Anupji has not left the house and is only sent to a secret room where he can watch everything and everyone in the Bigg Boss house.

Woaa! Now that’s one huge twist, isn’t it?

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