The episode starts off with Surbhi complaining to Romil how she doesn’t like how Salman is always supporting Dipika. Meanwhile, Deepak tells his partner Urvashi to not interfere in all his matters. He tells her that he doesn’t like her attitude which leaves her in tears. Romil asks Urvashi to not cry over him. Shivashish asks Jasleen whether her unpacking is done, Jasleen tells him, yes but she was very stressed because of Anupji. Anupji is listening to all this from the secret room and wonders whether she has any stress because he left. Jasleen is wondering why Bigg Boss hasn’t declared her as single so she’s not sure if she’s playing as a pair or individually. Romil jokes that anyone can flirt with her because she’s single now.

Bigg Boss announces that there won’t be a nomination task this week and it will be Karanvir, Sreesanth and Nehha who will remain nominated. While all the celebrities are shocked, Nehha says she was expecting this.

Some housemates starts playing cricket including Sreesanth. Surbhi doesn’t like this as it may damage property. Meanwhile, Romil is called to the confession room and is asked to take away the bat and ball. Romil goes out and takes away the bat and Sreesanth gets upset and destroys the ball and gives it back. He once again throws away his mic and tells Bigg Boss that he wants to go home. He locks himself up in the bathroom again.

After Sree comes out Surbhi tells him he has a lot of potential if he played the game maturely.

Next captaincy task is announced and Shivashish, Dipika, Srishty, Karanvir, Romil and Sabha will play the role of cops and the others will play robbers. When the buzzer rings, they will have to break the jail and try to jump the wall. The last person to jump will be eliminated. Whoever gets eliminated first will be sanchalak. Deepak gets eliminated and becomes sanchalak in the task. Romil and Karanvir get into a fight during the task. After which, while blocking Surbhi from trying to jump the wall, she blames for hurting her. Deepak and Sourabh lose out on the captaincy race.

Meanwhile, Nehha asks Sreesanth about what he had Dipika about her, Sree tells her he hadn’t said anything but still says sorry. Sristy asks Sreesanth if he wants to be captain and he agrees and so Sristy asks Nehha to quit the task and Nehha gets out.  Dipika tells Nehha that Sristy is with Saba and Somi. In the next round, Jasleen gets out.

Only Sree and Somi are left in the jailer team. Saba and Deepika come from the cops team. Saba asks Romil to take her place and Dipika asks Karanvir. Saba tells Romil that he doesn’t look like he’ll give up. Saba tells Deepak that he can disqualify Sreesanth if he holds a girl the wrong way and Sreesanth gets upset at this.

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