10 years after she was allegedly harassed on the sets of 2008 movie Horn Ok Pleasssss by her co-star Nana Patekar, Tanushree Dutta spoke out about the incidents in an interview a few weeks earlier. After multiple interviews and accusations later, Tanushree finally filed a formal complaint at the Oshiwara Police station in Mumbai. Now, taking it forward, the Mumbai Police will be visiting her home to record her statement. Reportedly, a team from Oshiwara police station will go to Tanushree’s house to record her statement.

She had disclosed that shooting for Horn Ok Pleasssss, Nana Patekar had insisted on doing some intimate steps with her. While she had complained about this to the director, producer and the choreographer of the film. Nothing was done then, she said. So, she ended up locking herself up until her parents came to pick her up.

While she was trying to get out of the sets, apparently goons of a political party supported by Nana Patekar attacked her car.

We’re glad she chose to lodge a formal complaint regarding this and hope that the truth comes to light.