This Is Probably The Coolest & Safest Curling Iron You Will Own

This Is Probably The Coolest & Safest Curling Iron You Will Own

Natasha Patel

Dyson has currently been in the ranks for being a game changer when it comes to hair tools right now. The creators at the Dyson HQ first came out with the highly-coveted Supersonic hair dryer (below) about two years ago and revolutionised the way we blow-dry our hair. But you probably might have already used, seen or known about it ’cause it’s all over Instagram.

Although the Supersonic is pretty dope, the new Dyson Airwrap is what you need to see! The tool is equip with 6 different attachments that can style your hair in curls, waves or just blow it out smooth without using extreme heat to do so!

  • a pre-styling dryer – takes hair from wet to damp
  • a soft smoothing brush – for a soft, smooth blow-dry finish
  • a 1.6 inch Airwrap barrel – gives you waves and loose curls
  • a 1.2 inch Airwrap barrel – gives you voluminous curls
  • a firm smoothing brush – smooths frizzy hair
  • a round volumising brush – gives body to fine, thin hair

The reason why it’s known as the all-in-one tool is because it powers its vacuums to create jets of air that is then used to style your hair. According to many sources, it is said that the team at Dyson spent more than 6 years testing and researching all kinds of hair types and styling tendencies to solve the number one reason around why our hair succumbs to tangles around the barrel.

The tool uses something called the ‘Coanda effect’ to attract and wrap the hair around the barrel with makes it easier to style and saves your hair from extreme heat.

Check out what celebrity hairstylist and Dyson champion, Jen Atkin says:

Raise your hands if you need this in your life—because we sure do!

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