In the wake of the #MeTooIndia movement, many celebrities have come forward to take a stand against sexual predators in the Indian film industry. There are many men who are accused by survivors who faced their heinous acts. Sajid Khan is one of them, with multiple allegations coming up against him. The chatter around these accusations has gained momentum and it was last evening that his sister, Farah Khan, who is a producer-director herself, made an official statement on Twitter.

Here’s what she said:

Her Tweet didn’t go down well with a lot of netizens and they lashed out at her after she made her statement.

Here are some of them

There were also some who applauded her for taking a stand in the situation.

Have a look

There are multiple allegations made against Sajid publicly by various women from the industry. Where the investigation leads or if there even will be one is yet to be seen. In the meanwhile, Akshay Kumar has asked the makers of Housefull 4 to stop the production since two of its cast members – Nana Patekar and Sajid are both accused of sexual harassment.

What are your thoughts on Farah Khan’s statement?