Bigg Boss 12 has managed to entertain all the viewers since Day 1. The Singles and Jodis have been giving us enough drama and entertainment to last the rest of the year. The latest twist on the show has left everyone in a state of distrust and confusion ever since Anup Jalota and Sreesanth re-entered the house.

The duo has been parting information about everything they saw and heard in the secret room and warning-off the housemates who they thought were being manipulated by others. One of the two major things that have changed in the last few days is Anup and Jasleen Matharu‘s relationship. Ever since his return Anup has been upset with Jasleen for getting close to Sourabh. Even when the two claimed to have no romantic interest in each other. Anup even asks Jasleen to keep her distance from Sourabh and Shivashish Mishra. Anup’s comments on their behaviour leave Jasleen and Sourabh feeling bad about how the audience must be perceiving their relationship too.

The other evident change is that Dipika Kakar and Sreesanth aren’t on the same page or even on the same wavelength anymore. He was seen cooing-up a plan with Shivashish and Karanvir Bohra to not follow Dipika. The duo hasn’t been talking to Dipika the way he used to as he was hurt by her after she voted against him. He was also miffed with her for not being fair to Srishty Rode in the previous captaincy task. Sreesanth tells Dipika that he wanted to ignore her but he still has some respect for her. He explains to her why he was upset and Dipika is left in tears.

Meanwhile, other housemates are busy planning their strategy for the game. Karanvir and Srishty are seen discussing a game plan and the former asks the latter to get close to Jasleen. On the other hand, Sirshty and Jasleen decide to gang up against Dipika.

Next morning, Bigg Boss announces the next luxury budget task. The luxury budget task is called Ghoda Gaadi where Dipika and Deepak will be the Ghoda Gaadi wale and will have carts filled with carrots and a treadmill tied to it. Other contestants will be the Ghoda (Horse) and they have to run the maximum distance to collect carrots. On the other hand, the Ghoda Gaadi Walas would need to convince the Ghoda’s to run for them. The Ghoda Gaadi wala with the maximum distance covered will be the winner and will be one of the contenders for captaincy.

The contestants have to use their planning skills and strategy to win this task. While the task was going smoothly, things got intense when Sreesanth stepped on the treadmill and started running for Dipika. Romil was seen irritating Sreesanth who was agitated and a heated argument was what followed. Once again, an upset Sree wanted to leave the house and tried doing so by climbing the jail. Eventually, Dipika and Shivashish tried to calm him down.

Another former jodi, gets into a fight during the episode. Urvashi Vani is seen getting upset with Deepak for ignoring her. They also get into a yelling match where Urvashi eventually breaks down and other contestants come to her support.

Will dissolution of the jodis lead to more tension in the house? Only time will tell!

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