As the weeks go by, the drama level in the Bigg Boss house is going up. Last week, Nehha Pendse got evicted, Anup Jalota and Sreesanth Nair were both sent to the secret room from where they could watch what everyone in the house was up to. The real drama began after Anupji and Sreesanth came back to the house and started unfolding what everyone was speaking behind each other’s back. Sreesanth while in the secret room was shocked to see Dipika Kakar manipulating Karanvir Bohra and instigates the other housemates around her.

Right after the episode aired, looks like Dipika’s good friend in the house Nehha who got evicted took to Twitter to express her displeasure on this. She noticed how Sreesanth conveniently blamed Dipika for his nomination.

Take a look.

But she also questioned the actress as to why she didn’t talk to Urvashi for being unreasonably upset with Deepak. We wonder what Dipika’s answer to this would be.

It’s really sweet to see that Nehha still cares for Dipika. And among heated moments in the house, such moments are always cherished. Don’t you think?