It’s safe to say that our country is one of the most diverse countries in the world. With over 3000 castes and 25,000 sub-castes in India, it makes us extremely rich in culture, heritage and not to mention, the history. But what we’re proud of the most is the insanely delicious food our country has to offer. Every state has such distinct ingredients and flavours. In fact, even their preparations and processes for the same dish are so different. Today, we’ve listed down staple breakfasts of different states in India that prove how diverse we are.

1. Thaalipeeth, Maharashtra

A savoury multigrain pancake that is typically a Maharashtrian breakfast apart from ghavane.

2. Idli & Dosa, Tamil Nadu

Another savoury pancake made with fermented rice batter. Dosas or idlis are accompanied with sambar and chutney.

3. Thepla, Gujrat

Theplas are either eaten as snacks or breakfast. Actually, whenever hunger strikes. They stay fresh for many days so can even be taken while travelling and best accompanied by a Gujarati pickle called chhunda.

4. Pyaaz Kachori, Rajasthan

A classic Rajasthani breakfast and snack. It is a savoury pastry stuffed with an onion filling.

5. Stuffed Parathas, Punjab

Not only do Punjabis love parathas. But every person in the country enjoys stuffed parathas. The different stuffings people generally like are gobi, aloo or pyaaz.

6. Luchi Aloo Dum, West Bengal

The aloo is cooked in a special Bengali garam masala with maida puris.

7. Puttu, Kerala

This is the most preferred breakfast option in Kerala. These are steamed rice cylinders layered with coconut.

8. Patal Bhaji & Puri, Sweet Bun & Tea Goa

Patal bhaji is another variety made by the locals there, served with puris. Sweet bun and tea are also a popular breakfast choice here.

9. Neer Dosa, Karnataka

Starting your day with a delish neer dosa is almost guaranteeing a good day overall. These are crepes made with rice batter served with chutney.

10. Pesarattu Upma, Andhra Pradesh

Pesarattu is a dosa made with a moong dal (green gram lentil) batter. This dosa is then stuffed with the traditional upma.

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